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Creating an Ideal Sleep Environment - Part 1 - Physical Attributes

Last updated 4 years ago

Part I – Physical Attributes

The physical attributes of your bedroom affect your ability to get a restorative night’s sleep.  Factors such as color, bedding, furniture and lighting should all be taken into consideration when designing an ideal environment for better rest. 


Let’s examine the color of your bedroom walls.  Color has a large impact on sleep.  Creating an environment which encourages tranquility and relaxation will result in better sleep patterns.  Blue is associated with relaxation and serenity, so warm or light shades of blue are good choices for your bedroom.  A light shade of green will soothe, calm and balance the emotions which make it another ideal bedroom color.  When considering your bedroom color you should choose a shade you like but avoid bright, bold colors such as red and orange, which can work against creating a relaxing enviroment.


Bedding should be chosen in a similar color pallete which encourages relaxation such as muted greens and blues.  Bold patterns or univiting materials will discourage relaxation when turning in for good night’s sleep.  Many sleep experts recommend soft fabrics such as cotton or silk instead of rougher textures like lace or wool.


Furniture is also a factor when creating your ideal physical sleep enviorment.  Clutter seems to be a reality in many inviduals’ bedrooms.  Too much furniture can lead to a feeling of chaos which does not induce relaxtion.  Similairly, unorganized paperwork and clothing thrown on the floor will generate feelings of dischord, which can adversly affect proper rest.  Conversely, a neat, tidy bedroom enviorment will encourage a more peaceful night’s sleep. Remember to make your bed every morning as a part of your daily routine.  Patterns such as this as well as turning down your sheets at bedtime will encourage positive and healty sleep patterns and a general feeling of order and well-being.


Lighting may be the most important and overlooked attribute in encouraging a proper sleep environment.  Too much light sends a signal to the brain that it is time to wake up and start the day.  Try using lower watt bulbs in your bedroom lamps or even  soft white bulbs to create a peaceful environment.  It is also recommend using sunblocking draperies to keep light from filtering through before you are ready to wake.  You should also consider other sources of light in your room, such as those generated by electronics. Tvs, computers, cell phones, and clocks can all emit light, even when turned off. 


Physical attributes are just some of the things to consider if you’re trying to get the best possible sleep.  In our next segment, we’ll discuss the importance of temperature regulation and how to create a cool, comfortable haven for ideal sleep.  

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