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Make your mattress last twice as long!

Last updated 5 years ago

                  One question that just about everyone asks when looking at a new mattress set is: “how long is this going to last?”  Regardless of what type of mattress is being discussed, a good answer is: “not as long as it will last if you use a mattress protector!”   This easy, inexpensive purchase is vital in preserving your investment, as well as creating a hygienic sleep environment.

There are many brands of protectors, but they all perform the same duties:  to keep perspiration and body oils out of the bed, reduce dust mite populations and protect that mattress from stains.  Some premium protectors will also help wick away moisture to facilitate a cool, dry, comfortable sleep environment.

The average couple will perspire several ounces of sweat into their bed every single night.   Over weeks, months, and years, this moisture can erode and damage the top layers of foam in the mattress, leading to changes in firmness, lumps, dips, and sags.   Using a protector eliminates this issue completely.   The waterproofing on the protector is also strong enough to shield the bed from nighttime accidents from youngsters in the potty-training stage, as well as those suffering the effects from incontinence.  While this may conjure images of a rustling plastic sheet, a good mattress protector will be silent, and virtually undetectable under bedding.

Dust mites are everywhere, and because they eat dead skin cells, are especially prevalent in the bedroom.  Unfortunately, they are a leading trigger for asthma and allergies.   You may have heard the tale that a mattress doubles in weight every ten years due to dead dust mites and their excrement.  While this story has been supported by some studies and refuted by others, even if the number is half that amount most people would agree controlling these populations is a good idea if you are looking for a hygienic bedroom.  By having a barrier between you and the mattress itself, you can wash out the populations each time you wash your sheets, which is much easier and more effective than attempting to clean the mattress itself.  Using a protector on your pillow, a surface especially prone to dust mite infestation is also recommended, especially for those with allergies. 

Regardless of the manufacturer, a mattresses warranty will be voided if there are any visible stains on the bed, even if there is also a defect present.  So, it is vital to keep your mattress pristine in the unlikely event you have a warranty issue.  It is recommended to get a protector at the time of the mattress purchase, as some protector companies will provide a ten-year guarantee that the mattress will be stain-free if the protector is purchased with the bed.  Some go far as to come out and clean mattresses if the barrier fails, and replace the bed if the stain cannot be erased. 

The very best protectors are made with organic fibers, such as eucalyptus, which actively wicks away moisture.  This results in the bed actually sleeping two to three degrees cooler than it would without the protector.   The thermo-negative properties are especially important for those who naturally sleep hot and those experiencing heath issues that cause rapid changes in body temperature.   Not only is it more comfortable to sleep cooler, but it also keeps the brain in the deep, restorative stages of sleep longer when one is not waking up to kick off the covers or change positions.

A new mattress is an investment, and most people hope it will last them at least ten to twenty years.  A protector is an inexpensive, highly effective way to maximize the longevity of your new sleep system.   You can get an innerspring, latex, memory foam, or hybrid bed, but by all means, make sure you get a protector with it!  

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