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Why should I be considering an adjustable bed?

Last updated 4 years ago

Why should I consider an adjustable bed?



Traditionally, adjustable beds have mostly been used by individuals in hospital rooms, or in hospice care. That is simply not the case anymore. Besides having a great deal of health benefits, an adjustable mattress can be perfect for those who live in tight spaces, or beneficial to those who are looking for the best relaxation possible. Adjustable bases have also frequently been thought of as a luxury item for the affluent, but with advancing technologies and more adjustable-friendly options, the prices have dropped significantly.  The time is now if you ever thought that maybe an adjustable mattress might benefit your lifestyle.


Take Michael, a man who lives in New York City, he is his mid-thirties, he lives in Manhattan in a relatively cramped studio apartment. He literally does not have room for both a bed and a couch where he lives, so rather than continue to sleep on the couch, he bought an adjustable bed. He watches T.V. in a seated position and he no longer has back issues because his mattress fits his body.


Many people spend their lives tossing and turning every night causing them to never get a good night’s rest. Adjustable beds are both comfortable and offer many health benefits that you just cannot get from a traditional foundation. A great mattress will relieve tension and soreness in your body, but if you add the benefits of an adjustable foundation that relief is multiplied exponentially by the fact that you are getting a better night’s sleep without your body having to work. Additionally, adjustable beds deliver solutions to individuals with breathing problems, sleep apnea, stress and acid reflux. By simply lifting your upper body by as little as ten degrees you can see a reduction in snoring by as much as 30% (



An adjustable bed allows natural support for those important curves. When you use a memory foam sleep surface on an adjustable bed base your body can get the utmost in pressure relief on all major pressure points. By having the bed adjust to your preferred sleeping position, you can alleviate most lower back pain. Neck and shoulder tension is a common result of daily stress. If you allow it to build up day after day, you may create serious pain that is difficult to get rid of. When you sleep on an adjustable bed, you can sleep in a natural position that will relieve much of that tension. An adjustable bed allows you to elevate your upper body and support your neck.



Sleeping on a flat surface can cause pressure points that decrease circulation and lead to numbness and sleeplessness. By elevating the lower half of the body with the adjustable bed, you increase blood circulation throughout the whole body. You could also alternately elevate your upper body allowing you to breathe better and relieve asthma problems.


If you have not taken the opportunity to investigate or take a test drive on an adjustable base, you might spend the next few years counting sheep instead of living your life the way you would like.

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