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Guest Beds for the Holidays

Last updated 5 years ago

With the Holidays approaching more and more families are coming in trying to find the right mattress to go into the guest bedroom for visitors.  Whether you are trying to find a temporary solution to a problem, or if this will become a bed for children, or even the master bed, there are a few questions that are going to be necessary to consider. 

First, who is going to be sleeping on this mattress?  

Some individuals are purchasing for an unknown guest who will be coming at an unknown time, others have a specific individual coming next weekend.  Knowing the preferences of that specific individual might make this decision easier and result in a happier time together as family. 

Second, how many people are going to be staying with us? 

Most guestroom beds are going to have 2 people sleeping in the room.   This traditionally rules out a twin size mattress and leaves the full, queen, & king size beds.  A full size bed is 54” wide by 75” long, the same length as a twin, and we recommend a full mattress with a foam encased edge.  A queen size mattress will be 60” wide by 80” long, and is the most popular size mattress in America.  Finally, a king size bed will be an additional 18 inches wide, making the dimensions 78” wide by 80” long. 

Next, why do I want a mattress that is foam encased? 

We already mentioned that we recommend a full size bed with foam encased edges, but mattresses of all sizes can be made with this feature.  An edge that is foam encased had a hard foam layer around the coils of the mattress that allows an individual to sit, or sleep, on the edge of the mattress without it feeling like it is collapsing under weight, This feature is especially important if a full size mattress  is the largest size that the room will allow.  More than that, during a recent survey many people said that if they are staying in a friend/family member’s home, they prefer to sit on the bed in the guest bedroom than a chair or other furniture in the same room, to minimize their inconvenience to their hosts.  Having the foam encased edge on the sides and foot of the mattress provide an area to sit and get dressed as well.

Fourth, what type of bed should I buy? 

With all the different types of bed there are on the market today there are many different choices to make: innerspring, memory foam, latex, hybrid, and air beds.   In the past the innerspring mattresses have been the most popular in guest bedroom situations, however, as technologies are advancing 

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