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Mattress Considerations for Older Americans

Last updated 5 years ago

                  Americans are living longer than ever, and as a result, senior citizens make up a significant portion of the mattress buying population.   Due to their unique set of needs, older Americans need to take certain factors into consideration when looking for a new sleep set.   


Many sleep specialists agree that the best mattresses for aging people are Tempur-Pedics .     These mattresses offer a unique sleep surface that provides unparalleled support and pressure relief, which are the two most important things a bed needs to do.   All people need support, which puts the body in proper alignment during sleep.  However, this is especially important for older people, who frequently suffer from alignment issues such as scoliosis, kyphosis, and lordosis which are all abnormalities of the spinal column.   Many older Americans also live with osteoporosis or arthritis, so pain management should be a key factor in choosing a sleep set.   Because Tempur-Pedic uses the latest in sleep innovations and technology, they are able to produce mattresses that conform and contour distinctly to each individual’s body type.   This allows consumers to choose the Tempur-Pedic with a feel that is most comfortable for them without sacrificing support. 

Because many senior citizens deal with poor circulation as well as more general aches and pains, pressure relief is paramount in getting a good night’s sleep.   Often times with this age group, there is a preconceived notion that “firmer is better.”   However, for people suffering from the aforementioned afflictions, a softer initial feel is often recommended, provided the mattress still provides support, as all Tempur-Pedics do.   A Tempur-Pedic will not restrict capillaries or blood flow, which means less stress on the body, less tossing and turning, and a deeper, more restorative night’s sleep.   For older Americans that are confined to bed, these mattresses are a great choice, as the unique pressure-relieving surface will limit bruising and bedsores.    In fact, Tempur-Pedics are popular choices for hospices and burn units for these very reasons. 

Along with a Tempur-Pedic mattress, an adjustable lifestyle base can further improve quality of life for senior citizens.   A lifestyle base that allows the user to raise and lower the head and feet is not only extremely comfortable, but also provides an easier transition in and out of bed for those with limited mobility.  Additionally, the limitless customizable settings allows for unmatched comfort and pressure relief.    For older Americans whose medical conditions confine them to bed, the base allows them to enjoy life and interact with others in a way they would be unable to do on a traditional mattress and box spring set. 


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