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"Don't You Just Love That New Bed Smell?"

Last updated 5 years ago

Remember the last time you sat in a new car?  It was clean, and conditioned, the leather was shiny, and the smell!  That slightly fresh and chemical smell that you wished would stay with the car as long as you owned it.  Well that smell is directly related to what is happening in the bedrooms of America currently. A process known as “off-gassing,” the name does not do the process justice, or make it sound any better, but I can tell you that it is not a problem.  That new car smell is a combination of many things, but one of the most prevalent is the scent of the foams settling into its new home.  What is going on in your car is what is going on in your mattress.  .  In order to keep the mattress, at its peak the companies will vacuum seal the mattresses so they will not be exposed to anything before they come into your homes, it also makes for easier transport, when they are opened the foams will fill their cells with air and that causes the odor to emanate from the mattress.


Quotes from around the mattress industry are all similar.


“A recent customer just asked us why there was a smell coming from the brand new mattress.  More than that, she exclaimed, ‘If I just paid ‘X’ number of dollars for a mattress it should not be like this.’  To which I replied, without a shred of sarcasm, ‘Yes, yes it should.’”


“Many of my customers try to return memory foam beds because they think that it is defective, or that the odor won’t go away, but when I explain that it is normal and to give it a few days, they are hesitant at first but I never hear from 95% of them after 4-5 days.”


What are some things that you can do if you have invested in a quality memory foam mattress set?  The first recommendation is to open a window and ventilate the room; this will open the room to fresh air.  Pointing a fan away from the mattress towards that open window will also help.  Another strategy is to change the sheets daily for the first couple days, the smell of your laundry detergent will help mask the odor.  If you are still in need of relief, cutting an apple and placing the pieces, on a plate of course, on your nightstand will absorb the odor.  If you don’t have small children, or dogs, an onion works even better if you can handle it without tearing up.  Fresh flowers can be both a welcome sight and fill the room with a beautiful aroma.  Finally, home air fresheners are always a good suggestion.


This is a topic that gets us right between the eyes, because it gets us in the nose.  I can understand that a customer might be confused why their bed has “that new bed smell;” they are already dealing with the fact that they are sleeping on a totally new sleep surface.  Your body only wants to handle so much change at a time.  If you are confused your sleep specialist who helped you find your mattress should be able to walk you through the previous steps.  Also, seek out friends, and family, who also have memory foam mattresses and they will probably tell you the same things.  There is nothing harmful about the process that your mattress is going through.  More than anything, in just a couple days you will find that you are sleeping better because of that new bed feel and that new bed smell is gone.


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