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Why is Sleep So Important to Your Overall Health?

Last updated 6 years ago

Are you tossing and turning on your mattress every night? Getting a full night’s rest is essential to good health—there is no substitute for it. Studies have shown that more and more Americans are trying to do without a full night’s sleep due to stress and busyness. Some people may think that their bodies can function well without the recommended eight to nine hours of sleep for adults; however, getting only four to seven hours of sleep, or even less, comes with a dangerous price. Why is sleep so important to your health? Lack of sleep can cause:

Depression and other mood disorders. Many studies point to sleep deprivation as an important factor in depression and other mood disorders. In fact, the inability to sleep is one of most common symptoms of clinical depression. When your body and mind cannot go into sleep’s restorative state, you may experience tension and irritability.

Obesity and diabetes. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can cause many health complications, including weight gain and type 2 diabetes. There are a few different reasons why insomnia leads to obesity, including the fact that lack of sleep raises cortisol levels in the body, causing weight gain. Additionally, people who are fatigued are less likely to get regular exercise and more likely to overeat.

Accidents. Daytime sleepiness can cause you to get into accidents while driving or working—fatigue tends to lead to carelessness or inattention on the road or on the job.

High blood pressure. Studies indicate a link between a lack of slow-wave sleep (the deepest level of sleep) and high blood pressure. Slow-wave sleep is achieved only through natural, healthy sleep; sleeping aids and alcohol tend to inhibit slow-wave sleep.

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