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Tips for Getting a Proper Night's Sleep

Last updated 6 years ago

A good night’s sleep gives you more energy and less stress, and can improve your skin, immune system, and mental functioning. Yet with hectic day-to-day lives, many people find it difficult to get a good night of sleep. Use these tips to help you get the rest you need to stay healthy and happy:

Create a Calming Hour

Try to avoid watching television, playing on your cell phone, or using the computer for at least an hour before going to sleep. Activities that stimulate your mind make it hard to shut off your thoughts long enough to fall asleep. Give yourself the time to unwind without technology so you can fall asleep the instant you lie down on your mattress.

Give Yourself Time to Digest

Heavy, greasy meals, cigarettes, and alcohol also make it difficult to fall into a nice, peaceful sleep, so try to avoid eating big meals near bedtime. Keep your nighttime hours free from cigarette smoking and cocktails as well. When you give your body the chance to digest all food and drinks, you are more likely to fall right asleep.

Find a Quality Mattress

You cannot get a truly good night of sleep without a comfortable mattress, so upgrade your bed to get the comfort and support you need to sleep soundly. The right Beautyrest or Tempur-Pedic mattress lets you relax and fall into a restful slumber so you can say goodbye to tossing and turning.

Mattress Direct carries all of the best mattress brands so you can remain encased in comfort. Whether you want a new Tempur-Pedic or Simmons mattress, we have what you need to fall asleep and stay well-rested. Come in today or call (314) 549-8496 to find out why we are the best mattress store in St. Louis. 


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